Garage Flooring in NY Is Easy to Maintain

by | May 7, 2020 | Flooring Contractor

You can make your garage a special place today, thanks to the flooring options that are available for homeowners. One of the trending upgrades for garage flooring in NY features a coating system that not only looks like granite, but is equally durable. The concrete and drab gray floors of yesterday have been replaced with upgrades that do not leave tire marks or stain easily.

A Noticeable Improvement

Today’s garage flooring is stain-and-mark resistant and easy to clean. Plus, you can select from hundreds of color finishes that replicate the look of quartz, granite or terrazzo. A lifetime warranty comes with the flooring to ensure against hot tire pickup as well. If you want to make an improvement to your home that will increase its value, this kind of flooring will enable you to see an improvement that is both aesthetic and financial.

Transforming the Looks of Your Floor

If you are wondering what kind of finish can transform your garage flooring in this manner, it is an epoxy one. Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation focuses primarily on surface preparation, along with the use of high-grade materials. Indeed, preparation is important if you want to be sure the epoxy adheres to the floor. In order to make this happen, the floor is primed with a diamond floor grinder first. Any dust and debris are minimized, as the grinder is attached to a vacuum cleaner as well.

The Final Steps of the Preparation Process

A grinder removes previously applied finishes and any staining. The concrete turns into an amazingly clean and porous floor. Again, this step is important if you want the epoxy coating to bond mechanically to the floor and last. Once the grinding is completed, the remaining dust is vacuumed, and any divots or hairline cracks are filled in with an epoxy patch. This is the most major step in the entire recoating of the floor, as the grinding and prep work can take several hours overall.

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