Signs That Your Building May Need Commercial Foundation Repair

Except a building is sitting on a strong foundation, it will soon collapse. However, even a solid foundation will not last forever. If it begins to have problems, those problems need to be addressed right away. There are signs that will tell a person that a professional foundation repair company needs to come in to handle the problem. A company that does commercial foundation repair in Houston TX have dealt with many problems over the years. These are some of the signs to look for with foundation issues.

1. The most obvious signs of foundation issues will be cracks, such as hairline cracks, crumbling in the foundation, sloping or buckling in the foundation walls or floors and moisture which would include stains, molds or water that is pooling. Doing a routine inspection of the foundation should be able to help one detect these issues.

2. If there is a problem with water drainage, that will be a cause of foundation damage. If the soil around the house is wet, and there has been no cause for it to be so, you possibly have a foundation that needs to be checked.

3. If the floors are sagging or the ceilings are warped, that is a sign of foundation failure. A professional will have to come in and check it out.

4. When the doors and windows in the structure are no longer fitting properly, you possibly have a foundation issue.

5. If the foundation slab either tilts upward or downward, you are having foundation issues. The first refers to foundation upheaval, and moisture is the leading factor that contributes to that. The latter refers to foundation settling, in which one side of the structure sinks down further than the other.

Fortunately, all these things and other factors can be fixed by a contractor who does commercial foundation repair in Houston TX. Knight Engineering Services has been providing basement and foundation repair services to customers in Houston TX and surrounding areas. The company ensures that their contractors are certified with degrees in civil engineering.

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