Surfaces that Require Smoke Damage Cleanup in Troy

by | Apr 22, 2016 | Maintenance Wiki

Smoke damage can occur even in suppressed fires. Unlike flame damage, smoke will permeate every area of the home. Because of its chemical composition, smoke is very difficult to get rid of. These are some of the surfaces that are difficult to clean after a fire has occurred in the home. While some of these items may need to be replaced, many surfaces can be cleaned.

Paint and drywall will soak up the smell of smoke. Painting over the smoke smell will not work in removing the stench. The paint has to be chemically treated before it can be painted over. This is because smoke has oily components that are difficult to clean with standard cleaners. Part of the smoke damage cleanup Troy is dealing with the after effects of the smell that penetrates the walls. Depending on the extent of penetration, the drywall may have to be replaced as part of the job.

Carpets are also notorious for soaking up the smell of smoke. The scent can linger long after the fire has been dispersed. The carpets might be salvaged if the proper cleaning techniques are applied. If the carpets also got wet from fire hoses, they will need to be dried out completely after all of the cleaning has been done. This requires bringing in industrial fans and dryers to help with the process.

The oily substance can also stick to tiled surfaces. The smoke damage cleanup Troy will have to use special cleaners to get the oily smoke off of the surfaces. It can take several cleanings to completely remove all of the residue. In most cases, the tile can be cleaned up and restored back to its original beauty. Cleaning the grout will also require special cleaners to restore the original color in the bathroom and kitchen.

Smoke contains a lot of chemicals that cause discoloration and leave behind a smell. Because it is not an easy cleanup to perform, a professional service is needed to restore the home after a fire. Click here for more information regarding the restoration from smoke damage. The sooner the cleanup process begins, the faster the home can be restored.

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