The Wide Variety Of Kitchen Flooring Materials

When it comes to choosing kitchen flooring in San Antonio there are many different choices and to ensure you pick the best there are also many factors to take into account. How much do you cook and bake, is your kitchen open plan in design; is durability important? These and other questions should be answered before you choose the material.

* Hardwood:

If you want your kitchen to look current even over time then hardwood is an excellent choice, hardwood floors never are dated. If your idea is to redo your kitchen in a way that it will always be in style, hardwood is a great choice. If you have an open floor plan home it works extremely well in living as well as kitchen areas.

If you opt for hardwood you should go with engineered wood rather than solid planks. The top surface is real wood, the way it is made means it is dimensionally stable which is important in areas like kitchens where there is bound to be high humidity and changing temperatures.

   * Vinyl:

Vinyl kitchen flooring in San Antonio is ideal for homeowners who do a lot of cooking, vinyl is easy to maintain. Vinyl flooring today is different than it was some years ago, today vinyl floors are much softer and resilient, this means they are easy on the feet if you stand for long periods of time and you will have fewer broken plates and glasses.

Vinyl flooring cleans up with nothing more than soap and water and other than giving it a quick sweep, there is no need for routine maintenance like waxing. Don’t be confused with linoleum, linoleum may look similar but it is not, it is harder and less durable than vinyl.

Although hardwood and vinyl are extremely popular flooring in San Antonio there are many homeowners that prefer the appearance and toughness that is only available with porcelain or an eco-friendly, slip resistant floor such as cork.

The kitchen flooring in San Antonio that you choose for your new kitchen will reflect the way you use your kitchen and the layout. To discuss what flooring would be best for use in your home you are invited to contact Shaw Company Remodeling.

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