Top Signs of Water Damage You Need to Watch for

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Construction & Maintenance

Anyone who has ever experienced it can tell you that water damage can lead to having to have severe home damage restoration. Not only can water damage ruin the foundation of your home, but it can also ruin the health of your family as well. With that being said, there are quite a few signs of water damage that you need to watch out for. Read on below for a few of the biggest ones.


Sometimes it’s not possible to see the signs of water damage, but you are able to hear it. It can sound like rushing water, floorboards creaking, or even dripping water somewhere in the home that isn’t obvious. If you don’t go ahead and take care of the problem, you will end up having to have home damage restoration procedures performed.


Water damage has a very distinct smell to it. If you smell a dampness in your home or a musky odor, which could be mold, you need to have someone come into check for possible water damage right away, before the problem gets any worse.

Puddles and Pooling Water

If you have unexplained puddles of water or pooling water in spots of your home, it may mean you have a leak somewhere. If you see a puddle of water that can’t be explained, keep an eye out for a puddle to form again after you clean it up to determine if you have possible water damage in that area.

Streaks of Water

Discoloration on the side of your home or walls can mean that you have water damage occurring. If you find streaks of water on your walls, then it’s possible that you have a leak somewhere that you can’t see.

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